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Attendance Protocol

Attendance Protocol

As you may know, research has shown that physical attendance at school correlates to academic success. High absenteeism is linked to lower grade retention, reduced student achievement, and increased dropout rates. It is difficult to ensure that students who are not attending school regularly gain the social, emotional, and academic skills necessary to be successful. Hartland Schools is working hard to maintain the attendance of our students in an effort to ensure their success now and in the future.
Hartland Consolidated Schools has a rich history of working collaboratively with parents and the community to ensure student success. We understand that children get sick and appreciate parental efforts to follow the HCS Elementary Parent-Student Handbook guidelines in regards to illness related absences. Absences accompanied by a doctor’s note or a call on the absence line are considered when evaluating the number of absences. In an effort to work collaboratively with parents to increase student attendance, we have created a process that will prevent the negative effects of high absenteeism.

Steps in the Process:
1. When your child has been absent for 5 days you may receive a notification letter. This letter is intended to inform you that your child has missed 5 days.

2. When your child is absent for 10 days you will receive a notification letter. This letter is intended to inform you that your child has been absent 10 days. 10 days is approximately 5% of the school year.

3. When your child has been absent for 15 days you will receive another letter and be contacted by the building principal to set up a meeting to work on an attendance improvement plan/contract. Copies of the plan will be sent to our District Attendance Officer, to begin monitoring your child’s attendance plan and help reduce the likelihood of additional absences.

4. If your child’s attendance does not improve and he/she reaches 20 absences, we will send a letter and a LESA Truancy Referral form to the LESA Attendance Officer for consideration of further action. 20 absences is 10% of the school year.

Please reivew our Parent/Student Handbook for our full attendace policy and contact Principal Frasier with any questions or concerns.

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