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District Wide Broadcast Message

Hartland Lakes Elementary School

Welcome to Hartland Lakes Elementary School


3rd Grade Reading Bill

Attached below is an informative HCS document on the new State of Michigan 3rd Grade Reading Law and a number of other helpful links, resources, and suggestions.  As always, please contact Principal Howerton with any questions or concerns.  Thank you!

K-4 Suggested Supply List (2019-20)

Attached is a list of suggested supplies for students who will be in Kindergarten through 4th grade.  Our staff thought parents would appreciate getting this information early in the summer to take advantage of some of the deals for school supplies. Thank you!

Summer READING is so important!!!

Research shows how important it is for students to continue reading over the summer months to avoid losing the skill and ability they've worked so hard to develop during the school year.  I've attached some research on the importance of summer reading as well as some tips and a calendar of summer reading ideas and activities!  I've also included links to Cromaine Library summer programs. Lastly, I'll be at Cromaine Library on Thursday, June 20 at 2 pm for the Lakes Summer Reading Day at Cromaine.

Social Emotional Program and Sensei Lessons

In our Lakes Character Development Program, "Eagles Take Flight", we have been building an intentional culture and identity.  We Are Lakes!  We Are Strong!  This Is Our Best Year Ever!
We've no finished this school year but there are ways you can help your child by reminding them in your words and actions to keep working hard and finish strong!  Most people learn to work hard most of the time or how to do just enough.  We are learning a different habit here at Lakes.  We are nurturing the habit of always doing a little more than anyone expects ALL THE TIME.This comes with practice.  Just keep reminding your children success is just a CHOICE and a HABIT.
I've attached a reference sheet that has much of the language and training themes that we use with students at school to work on building our courage, discipline, and humility muscles with Sensei Larioza!  I've also included a "final exam" letter from Sensei and me to wrap up the school year as well as a final summer lesson ("I know READERS are LEADERS!").  Use this language at home with your child and ask them how they are applying these lessons at home and how they will continue to apply them at school when they come back in August!
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