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District Wide Broadcast Message

Hartland Lakes Elementary School

Welcome to Hartland Lakes Elementary School


3rd Grade Reading Bill

Attached below is an informative HCS document on the new State of Michigan 3rd Grade Reading Law and a number of other helpful links, resources, and suggestions.  As always, please contact Principal Howerton with any questions or concerns.  Thank you!

Lakes Picture Day is Monday, September 9!

Picture day is Monday, September 9!  Order forms are being sent home on Sept. 3 with students or you can access the online order form through Geskus Photography

LES Student-run Credit Union is open every Thursday!

We're so excited about the third year with our student-run LOC Federal Credit Union at Lakes!  Thank you so much to Ms. Stephanie Cole from LOC who is running this wonderful program!  We will soon be recruiting a new group of 4th graders who are interested in working as team members at the credit union this year! You and/or your child can open an account at anytime. 

READING is so important! Cromaine Library Fall Programs!

Research shows how important it is for students to continue reading at home at least 20-30 minutes each night. I've attached some links to Cromaine Library and their fall programs for kids of all ages!

"EAGLES Take Flight" Lessons to Continue for 2019-20!

In our Lakes Character Development Program, "Eagles Take Flight", we have been building an intentional culture and identity.  We Are Lakes!  We Are Strong!  This Is Our Best Year Ever!
We are looking forward to working with Sensei Sam again for the 2019-20 school year!  You can continue to help your child by reminding them in your words and actions to keep working hard and finish strong!  Most people learn to work hard most of the time or how to do just enough.  We are learning a different habit here at Lakes.  We are nurturing the habit of always doing a little more than anyone expects ALL THE TIME.This comes with practice.  Just keep reminding your children success is just a CHOICE and a HABIT.
I've attached a reference sheet that has much of the language and training themes that we use with students at school to work on building our courage, discipline, and humility muscles with Sensei Larioza!  I've also included a "final exam" letter from Sensei and me to wrap up the school year as well as a final summer lesson ("I know READERS are LEADERS!").  Use this language at home with your child and ask them how they are applying these lessons at home and how they will continue to apply them at school when they come back in August!

Attendance Protocol

I've attached a copy of our attendance protocol letter that I've sent regularly the past few years.  The entire Hartland district is continuing to make a greater focused and committed effort to work with our parents and community to combat chronic student absenteeism.  Chronic absenteeism is defined as a student missing 15 days per year (excused or unexcused) or 10% of school days (approximately 18 days).  When I speak about absenteeism, I also include in that excessive tardies (arriving late/leaving early). Lake Elementary had 9% (53 students) of students chronically absent during the 2018-19 school year.  Nearly 500 student days were missed due to vacation days alone.   We hope to lower the number of students chronically absent for the upcoming year!  Please read the attachment which outlines the steps our district is taking to help curb chronic absenteeism.  Please contact Principal Howerton with any questions or concerns.
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