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Hartland Lakes Elementary School

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"EAGLES Take Flight +" Lessons for 2019-20 and BEYOND!

In our Lakes Character Development Program, "Eagles Take Flight +", we have been building an intentional culture and identity.  We Are Lakes!  We Are Strong!  This Is Our Best Year Ever!
Sensei was able to complete six lessons this year that were retaught by Principal Howerton and reinforced by Lakes Staff on a daily basis:
Lesson #1--"I always stand up for myself and others!"  (Lesson #1 Sheet for Home)
Lesson #2--"Every time I back away from a fear, my fears get bigger... but every time I power through a fear, I get bigger!" (Lesson #2 Sheet for Home)
Lesson #3--"I am always a good friend and I expect the same from you!" (Lesson #3 Sheet for Home)
Lesson #4--"I always do a little bit more than anyone expects!" (Lesson #4 Sheet for Home)
Lesson #5--"I know motivation is temporary, but HABITS are permanent!"  (Lesson #5 Sheet for Home)
Lesson #6--"When I am tested, I just get stronger and NEVER GIVE UP!" (Lesson #6 Sheet for Home)

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